BSK Sports Club, specialized in the games of Tennis and Cricket, helps in inducing, improvising and intelligently driving the passion towards game. With the involvement shown by students, participants and players, BSK Sports Club transforms people to excel in their fields. Be it motivating a toddler towards sports or helping an elderly to get involved in sports. We at BSK Sports Club take the utmost care to bring out the best in people. We provide the best in class infrastructure, highly standardized guidelines and flexible timing for the coursed we offer. We know this is passion for you and so we ensure your personal interests are respected by the sporting community across the city.

We value the learning ability of our students and we let them experiment their capability by competing in cross-city sports meets.


 We also conduct in-house test camps to enable the sporting adrenaline of our students. We think this holistic approach towards this game could possibly have a positive impact on their lives too.

We are committed to being a proficient sports and entertainment institute in the country by providing facilities of global standards, leading – edge programs and premium instruction through courteous professional staff. We are devoted to making everyone feel refreshed by providing an environment which is always clean, safe, friendly and fun.

Our program offers coaching programs as well as memberships incorporating both lessons as well as practice hours to enhance the technique.